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Did you know there’s many options when it comes to massage? It’s not only therapeutical and relaxing massages, but also Swedish, Deep-tissu, Shiatsu,Thai, Abhyanga, Lomi lomi, Cranioscaral therapy and Reflexology. Which one is better for you? You choose!

– Swedish massage: it’s characterised by moderate pressure that run along the grain of the muscle. It’s not only relaxing but deeply healing as well.It helps with depression, pain syndromes, immune problems, diabetes, cancer and even HIV because it reduces stress. Swedish massage is for you if you’re wound up and need a full body relaxation. Or if you just want to feel pampered and who doesn’t like that? 😉

– Deep-tissu:  deep-tissue work includes penetrating kneading techniques, cross-grain strokes and trigger-point releases. Why do I suddenly feel like an object?  I think this might be a very painful massage (where honestly being an object would be better :p ) but it’s very therapeutical. This is for you if you have areas of chronic tension or muscles injuries.

– Shiatsu: this is a japanese massage. It relies on working with body’s energetic meridian system.

– Thai: in this type of massage you get to keep your clothes on and lie on the floor and the therapist works on your body through a series of stretches designed to release muscular tension.  Thai is for you if you need to invigorated. It charges you up.

– Abhyanga: it’s a sort of Ayurvedic bodywork. Abhyanga works to correct imbalances in the doshas (the energies that govern life). The therapist will use herb-infused massage oils and apply them using strokes properly paced for your dosha (vata, smooth and slow; pitta, slow and precise; kapha, vigorous). This is for you if frenzied, fried or sluggish. It’s the massage that balances mind and body.

-Lomi lomi: a traditional Hawaiian massage which uses long, flowing, rhythmic strokes and forearm pressure. It helps release emotional tension and invites good feeling. It’s often called “loving hands”. It’s for you if you are game for an adventure. Lomi lomi is like a dance; the practitioner’s hulalike movements around the massage table assist in the flow of energy. 

Craniosacral therapy: it’s developed by a chiropractor, craniosacral therapy employs ultra-light touch to help balance pressure in the spine between your cranium and sacrum (hence the name). It facilitates muscular release by working directly with the nervous system. This is for you if you have headaches, migraines, allergies, allergies, sinusitis or you’re stressed out.

– Reflexology: it holds the belief that every area of the body corresponds with an area at the bottom of the foot. Therapists apply pressure to the feet to create changes in the body. It’s for you if you have health issues, it’s a complement to standard medical care, reflexology can provide relaxation and improve blood flow.


So which one do you like most? Which one suits you more and you think will help you?


Cheers xoxo


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Are you stressed and don’t know it?

Sometimes we don’t know how stressed we are. Many signs could be telling you that you’re more stressed than you think you are. If you experience any of these signs you should take some time to relax, time for yourself everyday. Wether it’s going for a walk or turning off your phone for a while.

1- Weekend headaches: A sudden drop in stress can cause headaches. Stick closely to your weekdays sleeping hours and eating schedule.

2- Awful period cramps: the most stressed out women are twice as likely to experience awful period cramps. Researchers blame a stress-induced imbalance of hormones. If you experience bad period cramps hitting the gym could soothe cramps and stress by decreasing sympathetic nervous system activity.

3- An achy mouth: A sore jaw could be a sign of teeth grinding, which usually occurs during sleep and can get worse with an increase of stress. A night time mouth guard could prevent teeth grinding while sleeping.

4- Odd dreams: usually dreams get more positive as you sleep so you wake up in a better mood than when you went to bed. But when you’re stressed you wake up more often disturbing this process and allowing unpleasant imagery to come back more than once. To avoid waking up several times at night avoid caffeine and alcohol near bedtime.

5- Bleeding gum: elevated levels of stress may impair the immune system and allow bacteria to invade the gum. If you work long hours and eat dinner at work keep a teeth brush on hand. Sleeping and exercising more could protect your gum as well.

6- Out of nowhere acne: stress increases the inflammation that allows breakouts. Use a lotion containing salicylic acid or  bacteria- busting benzoyl peroxide to smooth your skin and a moisturiser so your skin doesn’t get too dry. If after a few weeks you see no improvements you should head to a dermatologist.

7- A sweet tooth: some women blame the “lady hormones”  for their chocolate cravings. But don’t jump to conclusions too fast, it could be because of stress.

8- Itchy skin: people suffering from an itchy skin are found to be more stressed than people that don’t suffer from this condition. It’s true that having an itchy skin can cause stress on it self but a japanese research group found that the stress response activates nerves fibres causing an itchy sensation.

9- Bellyaches: stress can cause bellyaches, backaches and headaches as well as insomnia. They still don’t know the exact reason why stress causes bellyache but a theory is that the brain and the intestines share a nerve pathway. So when the mind reacts to stress, the intestines pick up the signals and react to it themselves. Beware not all bellyaches are causes by stressed, if the bellyaches are more frequent you should go see a doctor because they might be caused by food allergies, irritable bowl syndrome or lactose intolerance.

Hope this list helps you know how stressed you are and help you lose some of the stress. Does it make sense to you? Have you experienced any of these symptoms before? Did you know that these symptoms are related to your stress level?

Cheers xoxo

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Did you ever hear of MUFAs before? Well now you have.

MUFAs stands for “monounsaturated fatty acids”. Most of don’t know what monounsaturated fatty acids are either. They’re good fats that we find in several foods like nuts, seeds and avocados.

The list of MUFA foods is:

  • Nuts like almonds, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts/filberts, Brazil nuts, pistachios, Macadamia nuts
  • Peanuts
  • Peanut Butter
  • Almond Butter
  • Soy Nut Butter
  • Soy Nuts/Soy Beans
  • Avocados
  • Avocado Oil
  • Olives
  • Olive Oil
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Canola Oil
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Sesame Seed Oil
  • Tea Seed Oil/Tea Oil

MUFAs help us lose weight. In the 80s/90s people were told to reduce the fat in their diets in order to lose weight, lower cholesterol, blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.  But recent studies have showed that eating the “healthy fats” such as MUFAs help losing weight.

There’s a growing research about the fact that MUFAs could be useful for diseases such as Diabetes II , heart disease, stroke and types of cancer.

How much MUFAs should we eat?

There’s no official recommendation of  how much MUFAs  but the USDA recommends eating less than 20 grams of MUFAs a day.

What are the health risks of MUFAs?

But at the end we should consume MUFAs in moderation just like any other food and make sure we eat a variety of food everyday.

Including MUFAs in our diet can help us feel more satisfied after eating. This is why some should be included in every meal.

Being careful is a must though because we shouldn’t forget that they are fats and we can eat hundreds of calories consuming only a small amount of them. So don’t trust MUFAs until you see what your body’s reaction is to them.

At the end of the day, it’s the amount of calories you eat that ultimately results in fat gain or loss 😉

Cheers xoxo



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Food that fool us (II) ?!?!

The list of food that fool us is getting longer, here’s the rest of it 😉

5- Non Fat Salad Dressing: They’re said to be fat free but this doesn’t mean they don’t have more calories. They really are free of fat BUT full of sugar so they actually contain more calories than a regular salad dressing. Adding to that the fact that a salad without fat is not as effective as a salad with fat. It’s ironic but some fat is needed to absorb vitamin A, D, E, K and other nutriments.

6- Low Fat Cookies: Once again they’re made with extra sugar.They might have as many calories as the full fat cookies or even more. They might be “guilt free” but now that you know that they contain more sugar they won’t be guilt free anymore would they?

7- 100 Calories Snack Packs: Eating food that contains a very low amount of calories may be a reason for people to eat more. With a smaller serving sizes we will tend to eat more than one serving before feeling satisfied which will only end up making us eat more calories than if we ate one serving with a normal amount of calories.

8- Pretzels: Don’t we all love them? But sadly even if they seem a better choice than chips they aren’t necessarily but they’re made of white flour stripped out of it’s vitamins and antioxidants. One 15 ounce bag contains the equivalent of 24 slices of white bread!!! All I can say is ouch!

9- Spinach wraps: 1st reaction we have: yes spinach is good for health, but the 2nd reaction we should have is actually read the ingredients of the spinach wraps. Once we do that we’ll realise that it has no spinach in it. It’s made of refined white flour and the green colour of the wraps is due to some food colourings.. so this is NOT a veggie serving..

Last but not least:

10- Vitamin Water: Full of vitamin? Yes, Full of calories? also yes. Usually water has 0 calories. Well vitamin water has up to 200 calories per bottle. If we make some calculations we find that drink one bottle a day for a year would provoke a 20 pound gain that of course if calories aren’t burned off.

What does this list teach us? Don’t trust low fat/ no fat food it usually contains more calories. Same thing for diet drinks.

It also teaches us to read the labels and get some calculations done see if what we’re choosing is really healthy or are we just being fooled.

Hope this list will avoid you being fooled by food and opting for better choices 😀

Cheers xoxo

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Food that fool us??!

Well I was just reading some magazines and collecting information about several foods and I realised that some food actually fool us! They act like they’re better than other foods that harm us but guess what? they’re still bad. Here’s the  list of these foods:

  1. Baked Potato Chips: well no one ever thought they’re good but some of us tend to believe they are better than normal chips. Yes they are lower in fat but they still have a lot of calories and low in nutrients. The fiber level in them is low so they don’t actually fill us and we will feel the need to eat again soon after eating them.
  2. Gummy Fruit Snacks: how many of us say well let’s just eat some of gummy fruits so we don’t eat a whole bar of chocolate, a cake or even diner? I know I’ve said this a lot of time thinking that gummy fruits are better than having actual food.. well they indeed have some juice in them but in a very small quantity and have some vitamins in them. But they contain fructose corn syrup which according to studies is linked to obesity, and hydrogenated oils that are bad for the hearts health. So gummy fruits go off the snack list.
  3. Light Ice cream: the word “light” tend to make us feel better about eating ice cream. Well it’s here to fool us because a light ice cream doesn’t necessarily have less calories than a regular one. And did you ever notice that light ice creams lack the “taste of real ice cream” so they leave us unsatisfied and we might eat another one?
  4. Diet Soda: Again the word “Diet” does it to make us fall for diet soda. They say it contains less sugar, it’s true it’s contains less sugar and more saccharose so it’s mainly harmful just like normal soda. It’s also one of the causes of belly fat.

This list will be continued because the search for these foods is still going on

Cheers 😉

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Welcome to Nutritionbar!

So here we are!! I’m really excited about this blog!! I will share with you every nutrition information I read about and maybe experience.

Remember the blog is still brand new and improving but I hope you like it until now

With love ❤

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