Food that fool us (II) ?!?!

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The list of food that fool us is getting longer, here’s the rest of it šŸ˜‰

5- Non Fat Salad Dressing: They’re said to be fat free but this doesn’t mean they don’t have more calories. They really are free of fat BUT full of sugar so they actually contain more calories than a regular salad dressing. Adding to that the fact that a salad without fat is not as effective as a salad with fat. It’s ironic but some fat is needed to absorb vitamin A, D, E, K and other nutriments.

6- Low Fat Cookies: Once again they’re made with extra sugar.They might have as many calories as the full fat cookies or even more. They might be “guilt free” but now that you know that they contain more sugar they won’t be guilt free anymore would they?

7- 100 Calories Snack Packs: Eating food that contains a very low amount of calories may be a reason for people to eat more. With a smaller serving sizes we will tend to eat more than one serving before feeling satisfied which will only end up making us eat more calories than if we ate one serving with a normal amount of calories.

8- Pretzels: Don’t we all love them? But sadly even if they seem a better choice than chips they aren’t necessarily but they’re made of white flour stripped out of it’s vitamins and antioxidants. One 15 ounce bag contains the equivalent of 24 slices of white bread!!! All I can say is ouch!

9- Spinach wraps: 1st reaction we have: yes spinach is good for health, but the 2nd reaction we should have is actually read the ingredients of the spinach wraps. Once we do that we’ll realise that it has no spinach in it. It’s made of refined white flour and the green colour of the wraps is due to some food colourings.. so this is NOT a veggie serving..

Last but not least:

10- Vitamin Water: Full of vitamin? Yes, Full of calories? also yes. Usually water has 0 calories. Well vitamin water has up to 200 calories per bottle. If we make some calculations we find that drink one bottle a day for a year would provoke a 20 pound gain that of course if calories aren’t burned off.

What does this list teach us? Don’t trust low fat/ no fat food it usually contains more calories. Same thing for diet drinks.

It also teaches us to read the labels and get some calculations done see if what we’re choosing is really healthy or are we just being fooled.

Hope this list will avoid you being fooled by food and opting for better choices šŸ˜€

Cheers xoxo


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Food that fool us??! MUFAs?Huh?!

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