Are you stressed and don’t know it?

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Sometimes we don’t know how stressed we are. Many signs could be telling you that you’re more stressed than you think you are. If you experience any of these signs you should take some time to relax, time for yourself everyday. Wether it’s going for a walk or turning off your phone for a while.

1- Weekend headaches: A sudden drop in stress can cause headaches. Stick closely to your weekdays sleeping hours and eating schedule.

2- Awful period cramps: the most stressed out women are twice as likely to experience awful period cramps. Researchers blame a stress-induced imbalance of hormones. If you experience bad period cramps hitting the gym could soothe cramps and stress by decreasing sympathetic nervous system activity.

3- An achy mouth: A sore jaw could be a sign of teeth grinding, which usually occurs during sleep and can get worse with an increase of stress. A night time mouth guard could prevent teeth grinding while sleeping.

4- Odd dreams: usually dreams get more positive as you sleep so you wake up in a better mood than when you went to bed. But when you’re stressed you wake up more often disturbing this process and allowing unpleasant imagery to come back more than once. To avoid waking up several times at night avoid caffeine and alcohol near bedtime.

5- Bleeding gum: elevated levels of stress may impair the immune system and allow bacteria to invade the gum. If you work long hours and eat dinner at work keep a teeth brush on hand. Sleeping and exercising more could protect your gum as well.

6- Out of nowhere acne: stress increases the inflammation that allows breakouts. Use a lotion containing salicylic acid or  bacteria- busting benzoyl peroxide to smooth your skin and a moisturiser so your skin doesn’t get too dry. If after a few weeks you see no improvements you should head to a dermatologist.

7- A sweet tooth: some women blame the “lady hormones”  for their chocolate cravings. But don’t jump to conclusions too fast, it could be because of stress.

8- Itchy skin: people suffering from an itchy skin are found to be more stressed than people that don’t suffer from this condition. It’s true that having an itchy skin can cause stress on it self but a japanese research group found that the stress response activates nerves fibres causing an itchy sensation.

9- Bellyaches: stress can cause bellyaches, backaches and headaches as well as insomnia. They still don’t know the exact reason why stress causes bellyache but a theory is that the brain and the intestines share a nerve pathway. So when the mind reacts to stress, the intestines pick up the signals and react to it themselves. Beware not all bellyaches are causes by stressed, if the bellyaches are more frequent you should go see a doctor because they might be caused by food allergies, irritable bowl syndrome or lactose intolerance.

Hope this list helps you know how stressed you are and help you lose some of the stress. Does it make sense to you? Have you experienced any of these symptoms before? Did you know that these symptoms are related to your stress level?

Cheers xoxo


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