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Did you know there’s many options when it comes to massage? It’s not only therapeutical and relaxing massages, but also Swedish, Deep-tissu, Shiatsu,Thai, Abhyanga, Lomi lomi, Cranioscaral therapy and Reflexology. Which one is better for you? You choose!

– Swedish massage: it’s characterised by moderate pressure that run along the grain of the muscle. It’s not only relaxing but deeply healing as well.It helps with depression, pain syndromes, immune problems, diabetes, cancer and even HIV because it reduces stress. Swedish massage is for you if you’re wound up and need a full body relaxation. Or if you just want to feel pampered and who doesn’t like that? ūüėČ

– Deep-tissu: ¬†deep-tissue work includes penetrating kneading techniques, cross-grain strokes and trigger-point releases. Why do I suddenly feel like an object? ¬†I think this might be a very painful massage (where honestly being an object would be better :p ) but it’s very therapeutical. This is for you if you have areas of chronic tension or muscles injuries.

– Shiatsu: this is a japanese massage. It relies on working with body’s energetic meridian system.

РThai: in this type of massage you get to keep your clothes on and lie on the floor and the therapist works on your body through a series of stretches designed to release muscular tension.  Thai is for you if you need to invigorated. It charges you up.

– Abhyanga: it’s a sort of¬†Ayurvedic bodywork. Abhyanga works to correct imbalances in the doshas (the energies that govern life). The therapist will use¬†herb-infused massage oils and apply them using strokes properly paced for your dosha (vata, smooth and slow; pitta, slow and precise; kapha, vigorous). This is for you if frenzied, fried or sluggish. It’s the massage that balances mind and body.

-Lomi lomi: a traditional Hawaiian massage which uses¬†long, flowing, rhythmic strokes and forearm pressure. It helps release emotional tension and invites good feeling. It’s often called “loving hands”. It’s for you if¬†you are game for an adventure. Lomi lomi is like a dance; the practitioner‚Äôs hulalike movements around the massage table assist in the flow of energy.¬†

Craniosacral therapy: it’s developed by a chiropractor, craniosacral therapy employs ultra-light touch to help balance pressure in the spine between your cranium and sacrum (hence the name). It facilitates muscular release by working directly with the nervous system. This is for you if you have headaches, migraines, allergies,¬†allergies, sinusitis or you‚Äôre¬†stressed out.

– Reflexology: it holds the belief that every area of the body corresponds with an area at the bottom of the foot. Therapists apply pressure to the feet to create changes in the body. It’s for you if you have health issues, it’s a¬†complement to standard medical care, reflexology can provide relaxation and improve blood flow.


So which one do you like most? Which one suits you more and you think will help you?


Cheers xoxo


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