Dead tired? here’s why.

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We tend to say our busy lives are the reasons for our fatigue and most of the time we are right. But other reasons could be causing the fatigue specially if it’s a fatigue that has lasted more than 2/3weeks.

1- Anemia: Women out there who have heavier periods are more at risk for anaemia. The symptoms are: Fatigue is a major one. Others include extreme weakness, difficulty sleeping, lack of concentration, rapid heart beat, chest pains and a headache. Simple excercise, such as climbing the stairs or walking short distances, can cause fatigue.

2- Diabetes: It’s a very common illness which often goes unseen. The symptoms are: Aside from exhaustion, other signs include excessive thirst, frequent urination, hunger, weight loss, irritability, vaginal yeast infections and blurred vision.

3- Thyroid Disease: When your thyroid hormones are out of whack, even everyday activities will make you feel wiped out.Here are the symptoms:Hyperthyroidism causes muscle fatigue and weakness, which you may notice first in the thighs. Exercise such as riding a bike or climbing stairs become more difficult. Other symptoms include unexplained weight loss, feeling warm all the time, increased heart rate, shorter or less frequent menstrual flow and increased thirst. Hyperthyroidism causes fatigue, an inability to concentrate, and muscle soreness, even with minor activity. Other symptoms include weight gain due to water retention, feeling cold all the time (even in warmer weather) ,heavier and more frequent menstrual flows and constipation.

4- Depression: And I don’t mean ” the blues” but depression as in the illness which can affect our lives in a major way. Symptoms are decreased energy, changes in sleeping and eating patterns, problems with memory and concentration, and feeling of hopelessness, worthlessness and negativity.

5- Rheumatoid Arthritis: RA happens when your immune system turns against itself and attacks healthy joint tissue, sometimes resulting in irreversible damage to bone and cartilage. It has many symptoms including fatigue, low energy, loss of appetite and joint pain. Also anaemia and thyroid disorders are more common in people with RA.

6- Sleep Apnea: it’s a disorder characterised by brief interruptions of breathing during sleep. In the most common type, obstructive sleep apnea, your upper airway actually closes or collapses for a few seconds, which, in turn, alerts your brain to wake you up to begin breathing again.The symptoms are  snoring and is generally followed by tiredness the next day. Because sleep apnea can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke, it’s important to be tested. It can be really serious.

7- Chronic fatigue: Being too tired all the time to even carry on with your daily activities. Symptoms are: headache, muscle and joint pain, tender lymph nodes, and an inability to concentrate. It remains puzzling, because it has no known cause.

I really hope that none of you has any of these conditions. But if you have doubts, go check it out.

Wish you days full of energy and no tiredness :p

Cheers xox


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