Getting a nose job? Check your mental health first.

August 16, 2011 at 10:51 pm Leave a comment

Who hasn’t thought one day about getting plastic surgery and many of us have (not me!)

Ok I1’m against plastic surgery unless the person really needs it, like a big huge bone in the middle of their nose, or ermm maybe a boob bigger than the other :p Plastic & Reconstructove Surgery journal published a study showing that 33% (1/3) of 226 patients who got a nose job at Belgium University Hospital Leuven had at least moderate symptoms of body dysmorphic disorder. Want to hear a funny story? A BDD sufferer in Navada had a car accident because he/she was too busy looking the rearview mirror thinking how to fix it!

I understand the nose is in the middle of the face how can it not cause a problem when you don’t like it? It can shake up a person’s life to my opinion because it plays a role in their confidence.

Should plastic surgeons require that their patients have a psychological evaluation before they operate?

Comment to share your thoughts.

Cheers xoxo


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