Benefits of fasting.

August 18, 2011 at 1:07 pm 1 comment

Knowing that this the holy month for Islam- Ramadan, I thought I’d look up some fasting benefits and share them with you. You don’t have to be muslim to fast (as in no food and no drinks until the sun goes down) or to want to know more about it. I’ve heard many people say it’s bad for health and we shouldn’t do it. I’ve been fasting for a month since I was 12 and I can tell you I’m alive and it never hurts my health.

“Fasting is the greatest remedy —
the physician within.”


Here are the goods of fasting: 
Physical benefits:
1- Fasting frees up energy so healing can begin: We tend to over-indulge ourselves and eat more than we should. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying food but excess food does create a burden on the body. Imagine being given too many things to do at work, more than you can handle. You cope with it, you have to but you’re not comfortable. And you will put aside what you can do another day. This is exactly what the body will do when overworked. It will postpone many tasks. During fasting you rest this overworked body, give it a break. We usually think that food is our energy but the truth is it takes lots of energy. Digesting, assimilating and metabolizing–these activities require a great deal of energy. After a heavy meal 65% of the body’s energy is directed to the digestive system. When you free up this energy it can be used for healing and for accomplishing tasks that have been put away. Our body’s know how to heal themselves we just need to give out of their way. Fasting allows this.
2- Losing weight: losing weight is one of the great benefits of fasting. Using fasting to lose weight can create many opportunities to gain insights into your patterns with food and for making changes to your habits and lifestyle much easier to accomplish. I would recommend fasting with the goal of getting healthy and not losing weight because I believe that whenever we just think about losing weight it becomes a very hard task and we think about it as torture. Sometimes a short 3-day fast is used to “jump start” a new healthy diet plan, because fasting will change your tastes toward more natural and wholesome foods. It will also give you a new perspective on your relationship to food; why and when you eat what you do, what your mental and emotional attachments are.
3- Fasting can give you more energy: Surprise! Surprise! Contrary to what people seem to think fasting can give us more energy and not deprive us from it leaving us lazy and making us couch potatoes. When you’ve progressed past the stage of dealing with detox symptoms, a fast will have you feeling lighter, more energetic, more enthusiastic, and requiring less sleep.
Mental and emotional benefits of fasting:
Because fasting improves mental clarity and focus, it can become a tool in your life to give you greater freedom, flexibility, and energy to get done the things and projects that are important to you. Your awareness can focus in more accurately and determine the source of some unpleasantness, that then snowballed into a mess.
It’s easy to do I promise! As long as you do it my way :p Sleep at 4am and never wake up before 2pm :p
Comment let me know what you think of fasting and if you’ve ever experienced it.
Cheers. xox



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Kissing benefits? Health benefits not only emotional! Woupie! How confident are you?

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  • 1. TheOfficialMsSpicy  |  December 10, 2011 at 3:45 am

    I personally love it..& totally agree with all that your saying. It does have you feeling lighter & energetic. Most of all, you realize how much food you consume daily when you cut back…because, you start craving everything your fasting from. It has great benefits & recommend all those with knowledge of it to do it…but you must first be educated about it. Doing it unto the Lord is serious & must never be taken for a joke. Loved this post:)


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